Leaflet Corporation will be exhibiting at ILTACON 2017 once again!!

Are you going to be there too? If so, Please be sure to visit us at Booth #741 Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Monday 13 August – Thursday 17 August, 2017.

We look forward to see you at one of the legal industry’s best educational conference to discuss how document automation is made easy using Leaflet® Platform™ the next generation, zero-programming collaborative document automation software and winner of LegalTech© News Innovation Awards “Best Document Automation / Management 2015” that helps law firms, corporate legal, contract managers, procurement and business units increase profitability and reduce risk.

You may set your personal appointment time with Leaflet’s Chief Architect at ILTACON 2017 by clicking and registering here.

  • Take advantage of a “Zero-Programming” environment. Build the most complex questionnaires without technical staff and maximize productivity.
  • Keep documents in a Package discrete; eliminate extra correction and review cycles – Simplify document formatting, handling and maintenance.
  • Have full visibility and control of the documents during assembly - using Leaflet’s “DraftLIVE™” software that “works the way YOU work”.
  • Improve client retention and scoring – Leaflet’s Microsites™ enables Lawyers to be more responsive to the clients’ needs and deliver the high level of services.

Leaflet’s “Do It Yourself” Document Automation Platform’s features include:

  • Connectors. Leaflet Platform has built in Connectors for integrating with external systems such as CRMs, DMs and other external workflow systems.
  • eSignature Integration. Leaflet lets you automate entities and their signature blocks natively in Word.
  • Workflow. Leaflet provides configurable workflow for routing, review and approval and post execution monitoring processes.
  • RESTful Web Services APIs.
  • Single Sign On (SSO). Active Directory (LDAP) or SAML 2.0.
  • Clause Library. Leaflet® Platform’s clause library helps practices manage their favorite clauses and use them during live drafting and negotiation.
  • PDF Form Automation. Leaflet® Platform lets you create your fillable regulatory PDF Form documents along with word and excel documents.

Another important offering is Leaflet® Playbook™. It automates contracts drafted on other-party paper. Playbook extracts incoming contracts’ provisions with a simple right click. The Playbook interface shows the extracted provisions alongside the whole document. Bookmarks readily move users from the extracted provisions back into the full text of the contract. Users then work with best practice clauses configured by the Playbook factory. Users insert these as counter-clauses into the document using guidance for each option. They prepare entire draft contracts as redlined counter-proposals.

Finally, Leaflet® Contract Intelligence™ provides insight into the stores of documents in Leaflet Platform™ including documents that third parties send in.

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