At most companies and law firms, document processes are discrete and disconnected. People type and retype deal information into countless emails. Eventually, somebody casts that information into a draft. They write and attach a summary, and then the whole thing circulates and re-circulates through multiple revisions, slowing workflows and clogging email servers. Finally, something approaching a final draft document is completed…and the whole process starts again as that document meanders from person to person through approval, compliance, execution, and administration phases. This bucket brigade processing has to frustrate you, your clients, and your colleagues.

But with Leaflet Platform, you can make real time document creation and management as close and secure collaborative as you want. At each point in a contract’s lifecycle, Leaflet Platform allows each deal constituent to weigh in where they are needed, when they are needed, and as they are needed and offer you document collaboration services.

  • Pull deal information from front-end sales or client relationship management systems
  • Reduce confusing, time-consuming, potentially risky email traffic
  • Define document-level workflows
  • Automate approvals and reporting
  • Securely share document tasks with clients and colleagues

With Leaflet Platform, client-lawyer interactions become much more proactive, timely, efficient, greatly improving customer satisfaction, creating the opportunity to offer additional and enhanced levels of service.


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