You’re busy. Really, really busy. You have a lot on your plate. We get it: your time is valuable and scarce. (If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be looking at this website, would you?) You don’t have time to shepherd protracted automation projects through older document assembly technologies. And you shouldn’t have to hire someone to program those technologies for you and then re-program them each time a Chancery Court decision forces you to tweak some provision in your forms Leaflet Factories makes automation intuitive and frictionless. Our technology and services get your content–forms, clauses, rules–automated fast. Most of our automation factories work in Word, so you can highlight, click, and automate your content without ever programming anything. Read on and learn more. Or contact us with any automation project questions you have.

Template Factory: transform your forms.

Simple in-Word palette lets you point-and-click your way through complex, multi-document automation tasks easily.

Template Factory works inside Microsoft Word.

Intuitive point-&-click interface.

Test as you go: everything you automate goes live instantly.

Zero-Programming. Less friction.

Cost-efficient Legal Operations teams assist you around the globe and around the clock.

Leaflet Factory: create a custom client portal in about five minutes

With Leaflet Factory you can connect your forms to whomever you want: client, customers, co-workers, prospects. Just pick a form and publish. Leaflet Factory lets you modify questions and add domain content and branding. Easy to create. Easier to control.

Drag-&-drop questions from your automated forms.

Translate your lawyer-ish questions into client-friendly prose.

Add guides and resource utilities.

Make public or private; self-service or collaborative.

Easily control workflow and access permission.

Playbook Factory puts your best-practice language where it helps you most

If you want to deliver your best-practice language and your institutional knowledge about how to use that language, directly to the point-of-need, use Playbook Factory.

Simple point-&-click clause loading.

Associate with document-analysis rules.

Robust interface for publishing negotiation policies and guidance.

Connector Factory: Snap Leaflet into your Sales Automation or Contract Management systems.

We built Leaflet on an industrial-strength business process automation platform. That lets us build rules-based connectors to your legacy systems without complex coding.

Sales force/CRM applications.

Document Management systems.

Contract Management/Contract Administration.


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