Draft simple documents or complex multi-document sets 80% faster (or more).

Leaflet Platform gives you two ways

#1 – Automated Word supercharges desktop drafting.
When working with documents, lawyers spend most of their time in Word. That’s why Leaflet Platform automates your familiar copy of Word, making it much faster and more accurate, without depriving you of the features and functions you rely on today.

Automated Word’s multiple modes give you pinpoint drafting control. Answer embedded interview questions and watch dozens of prescribed changes ripple through multiple documents in real-time. Drop your cursor into Word and make fine-tune edits anytime. Drag special purpose language from your Leaflet Clause Library. Move back and forth between modes freely.

#2 – Leaflets mobilize drafting.
Publish your forms as mobile Leaflet® interviews. Then, wherever you need to create complete documents, open your iPad or laptop, follow an intuitive Q&A, and click. From a client’s office to a convention floor, fully compliant drafted documents are just seconds away.

80% faster. Or more.
Want to draft 17 incorporation documents at once? Add individualized stock grants for 12 people in 3 minutes? Shed the repetitive work in creating complex services agreements or handling hundreds of NDA requests? Would your life be easier if you could accommodate 11th-hour deal changes in seconds? Could you save time with signature blocks that create and format themselves…and even extract themselves into individualized signature page packages and send themselves off to be signed? If you find yourself nodding in agreement while reading this paragraph, contact us today.

Not just faster. More accurate.
Complex transaction documents might contain hundreds of branching and interconnected attributes, any of which can affect dozens of provisions. Drafting manually, on deadline, creates opportunities to miss one (or more) of these provisions. But Leaflet Platform drives all of that complex logic through each of your deal documents every time. And Leaflet Platform’s smart checklists and filters make it easy to keep track of your drafting progress, so you always know what you have and haven’t done yet.


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