Get more work done, while reducing legal spend

Leaflet Platform eliminates drudgery, helping attorneys work the way they want to work, faster—as much as 80% faster. This e-book examines how Legal Departments can get more flexibility to respond to increasing workloads while keeping costs down.

Process less. Practice more

The Leaflet platform frees lawyers to work how they want to: with documents, in their familiar Microsoft® Office tools, anywhere, with no need to do their own programming, any of it, ever.

Leaflet Professional

A quick (2:45) video overview of the automated-Word/desktop version of Leaflet Corporation's legal document automation platform in action. Focuses on document authoring (contract drafting/contract assembly) and automated document editing/revisioning (Clause Library).

Law firm price pressures

Clients clamoring for alternative fee arrangements (AFAs). Increasing demands to write-down billable hours and write-off associate work. Margins squeezed by lower-cost competitors These days, law firms and the lawyers who work there face mounting pressure to reduce prices and cost inefficiencies. This e-book surveys the factors behind this trend and focuses on some legal document automation tools firms can adopt to relieve those pressures.

Ease the Squeeze for EC/VCs

Emerging companies need more legal help than they can pay for. Emerging companies practices need more start-up clients than they have time to take on. And competition among lawyers for this start-up, formation, seed financing, angel investment, and venture capital work is fierce than ever. This e-book examines how EC/VC practices leverage legal document automation to harvest more start-up clients and handle more early-stage and venture work.

Foley & Lardner, LLP

Foley Lardner LLP may well be the most technologically astute law firm in the AmLaw 50. Information Week has named them a Technology Innovator for seven consecutive years. They aggressively pursue and heavily invest in systems and strategies that align them more closely with client values. The case study examines how Foley Lardner LLP uses legal document automation across practices to further that legacy of innovation and service.

Venture Law Advisors

Legal document automation. Flexible, customizable client extranet tools. Online document generators. Collaborative contract assembly workflows. These things aren't just for large firms. This case study outlines how one Denver boutique--Venture Law Advisors--leverages Leaflet to improve client service, consistency, and capacity.


Leaflet Platform for firms

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Leaflet Platform for in-house

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Ease the Squeeze for EC/VCs

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AmLaw 50 firms get much more efficient

Foley & Lardner, Pillsbury. Top-tier firms like these drive deals and profits with Leaflet. Download

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