Analyze and edit counterparty documents with Leaflet Playbooks.

Half the time, you work on the other side’s paper. Automated drafting is great. But it’s literally only half the story. Because at any given time, half of the lawyers working on documents…are working on documents someone else drafted. Playbooks display alongside the document you’re editing in Word. In Leaflet Platform’s Automated Word view, open a counterparty document and click to run a Playbook against it. Playbook auto-analyzes document text and presents you with guidance and alternate provisions relevant to that text. Playbook finds worrisome counterparty text and syncs it to your preferred provisions. Playbook flags text, in Word, and then it builds you a smart checklist of items to review. Click on any item and Playbook does three things: (1) forwards to that section of the document where that item appears, (2) highlights the item’s flagged text, and (3) syncs to your play so you can edit in seconds. Calling a play: one click redlines your best practice language into the document. In Playbook, a play is a set of your preferred and fallback text provisions, with built-in negotiation and usage guidelines. After Playbook opens your play, scan those provisions, locate the one that fits best, and click to insert into the counterparty document. With Word’s Track Changes turned on, Playbook creates instant redlines.


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