As a law firm, your business is this: using your knowledge, skills, and judgment to provide services– delivered mostly through the medium of documents — that create value and minimize risk for your clients.

Today’s market climate increasingly pressures the ways you deliver those services. New economics are demanding new efficiencies. Clients are clamoring for change. Competitors – old and new – desperate for market share, are streamlining and innovating.

Despite these environmental pressures, the core processes by which firms “do” documents hasn’t changed appreciably since you started using email and Microsoft Word (tools that law firms were famously among the very last industries to adopt).

Why is this concern? Because clients increasingly perceive firm document processes to be stagnant and inefficient. More and more, they feel that they’re paying the price for your processes rather than for your knowledge, skills, and judgment. When shopping for outside counsel, they’ve begun insisting on discounts and value-based billing. They’re demanding alternative service delivery models and experimenting with alternate legal service providers. They’re writing and speaking constantly about the need for new technological approaches that create efficiencies which let them partner more closely with their outside counsel.

By making it easy to automate your documents and your libraries of special-purpose clause language, Leaflet Platform snaps easily into multiple law firm practices. Where your work requires high-volume drafting, complex document drafting, or simultaneous drafting of multiple documents for multiple deal constituents, we can make that work faster, more accurate, and more profitable.

Emerging Companies & Venture Capital— Corporate formations, LLC Operating Agreements, Founders Agreements, Term Sheets, Seed Financings, Convertible Notes, Bridge Loans, Micro financing/Crowd source Financing.

Private Equity — Fund Formation; Subscription Letters.

Mergers & Acquisitions — Asset Purchase, Stock Purchase, Memoranda of Understanding, Assumption/Assignment, Escrow, Bills of Sale.

Trusts & Estates — Wills, Family Trusts, Insurance Trusts, Estate Plans, Healthcare Directives, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trust Administration Letters.

Real Estate — Commercial Leases, Mall Leases, Lease Amendments, Lease Abstracts, Guaranties, Estoppel Certificates, Construction Agreements, Financings; Client-approved Clause Libraries.

Employment — Offer Letters, Employment Agreements, Equity Plans & Grants, Severance Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Wrap Welfare Agreements, 401(k) Plans, Policies & Handbooks.


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