You are invited to set your personal appointment time with Leaflet CEO Sam Muthusamy at Legaltech New York 2018.  Find Leaflet Corporation at Exhibit Booth #232, Hilton Midtown, New York, Tuesday 30 Januray  – Thursday 1 February, 2018.

What should I expect?

The CEO, chief architect of Leaflet®, will conduct an “under the covers” demonstration of the award winning next-generation, AI-enabled, intelligent, collaborative document automation program built around MS-Office, the Web, and Adobe. Learn how adoption of the “Leaflet® Platform™” has been used to accelerate firm profitability and reduce corporate risk.  See how Leaflet Microsite™ provides you with your own branded capabilities beyond LegalZoom.

Why is this important?

Software continues to advance at a meteoric rate while the practice of law remained relatively static – citing stability and “precedent”. Most document assembly processes are still supported by macros or older software add-ons designed externally to MS-Word.  This traditional approach inherently limits capabilities, and the ability to find, manage and manipulate documents and the critical data within. The Leaflet® Platform delivers a deeply integrated software solution to MS-Office, the Web and Adobe which opens up advanced Intelligent Document Automation for the first time.  It is designed to support the modern law practice that wishes to evolve and corporations looking for speed, agility and competitive advantage.

How can Leaflet solutions benefit me?

Leaflet® Platform™” sets your practices free to Increase Speed, Increase Control, Reduce Risk, Reduce Costs, and Increase Profitability. It is a key technology in modern practices used to Initiate, Draft, Negotiate, and Execute your transactional documents. It is a complete contract assembly and contract management solution that makes the document generation cycle immediately more efficient and effective. Document creation cycles of greater than 3 days are transformed to less than 3 hours.

Leaflet Platform’s salient features include:

    • Zero Programming Automation. Leaflet® Platform offers absolutely no coding.
    • Multiple Drafting Modes. Leaflet® Platform offers several drafting modes: Draft Live in Microsoft Word, Draft in Preview mode, Draft Offline, Self Service and Collaborative modes.
    • DocuSign Integration. Leaflet lets you automate entities and their signature blocks natively in Word. Whole-practice automation jumpstarts from there as DocuSign and the Leaflet® Microsite™ deliver final deal documents with no intervention.
  • Workflow. Leaflet provides configurable workflow for routing, review and approval and post execution monitoring processes.
  • Connectors. Leaflet Platform has built in Connectors for integrating with external systems such as CRMs, DMs and other external workflow systems.
    • RESTful Web Services APIs.
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
    • Active Directory / LDAP integration with Single Sign-on.
    • SAML 2.0 integration
  • Question Library. Leaflet® Platform builds library of questions as when practices automate their forms which are simply referenced and re-used as needed.
  • Clause Library. Leaflet® Platform’s clause library helps practices manage their favorite clauses and use them during live drafting and negotiation.
  • PDF Form Integration. Leaflet® Platform lets you create your fillable regulatory PDF Form documents along with word and excel documents.

For Negotiation: Leaflet® Playbook™ automates contracts drafted on other-party paper. It extracts incoming contracts’ provisions with a simple right click. The Playbook interface shows the extracted provisions alongside the whole document. Bookmarks readily move users from the extracted provisions back into the full text of the contract. Users then work with best practice clauses configured by the Playbook factory. Users insert these as counter-clauses into the document using guidance for each option. They prepare entire draft contracts as redlined counter-proposals.

Finally, Leaflet® Contract Intelligence™ provides insight into the stores of documents in Leaflet Platform™ including documents that third parties. It is a productivity tool for reviewing executed contracts for M&A due diligence, obligations management or for setting up your new contract management systems.

For More Information:

Leaflet Corporation

CEO Sam Muthusamy:

email or call 781 929 2945.

In case you missed it, take a look at the August 2015 issue of LegalTech© News. Leaflet won “2015 LegalTech Award for Innovation”. LegalTech News included Senior Technology Editor Sean Doherty’s review about Leaflet®, “Test Drive, Work Product Redux—Automation is necessary to assemble documents efficiently and accurately”. Sean is no stranger to document automation technology. How he automates his Client Engagement letter template with multi-jurisdiction selection and logical variations is spectacular, if we may say so, as he test drives in the Leaflet Document Automation Platform

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