Award winning Document Automation Platform announces Leaflet® Platform™ version 5.3 alongside Legaltech New York 2016

Leaflet announces Leaflet® Platform™ version 5.3 alongside Legaltech New York 2016. Apart from introducing easy on-boarding and greater robustness, this release includes the following features:

  • DocuSign Integration: Leaflet lets you automate Roles and their Signature Blocks natively in Word. WITH signature blocks across a whole package of your Word documents. Leaflet® Platform™ lets you instantly publish the package for Electronic Signatures.
  • Excel Intake for Offline Answering of Questions: Paralegals can fill out due diligence questionnaires and entity forms without even being in Word or on the Web.
  • RESTful Web Services API (Web integration)
  • Spring-Based Data Integration (non-Web) for integrating with other firm applications’ data
  • Active Directory / LDAP integration with Single Sign-on
  • SAML 2.0 based SSO.

Other cool features include clause libraries, one-form-to-many documents that are excellent for venture capital and emerging companies, and signature pages extraction that are part of the e-signature integration. Leaflet® Platform™ at its 5.3 release is even more robust especially in Leaflet Draft Live™ to allow insertions in Microsoft® Word at the last minute, changes in roles, and logic.

Another important offering is Leaflet® Playbook™. It automates contracts drafted on other-party paper. Playbook extracts incoming contracts’ provisions with a simple right click. The Playbook interface shows the extracted provisions alongside the whole document. Bookmarks readily move users from the extracted provisions back into the full text of the contract. Users then work with best practice clauses configured by the Playbook factory. Users insert these as counter-clauses into the document using guidance for each option. They prepare entire draft contracts as redlined counter-proposals.

Leaflet Corporation’s Leaflet® Platform™ was among the June nominees for award winners to be announced at Legaltech© News Innovation Awards 2015 (Leaflet Among Nominees and Winners). Leaflet came home from the event in San Francisco having won Legaltech© News Innovation Awards Best Document Automation / Management Leaflet Corp. 2015

Talking about robustness and features, make sure to read the breath taking article that accompanies Legaltech© News’ announcement of the award “Leaflet Winner Best Document Automation / Management”: Test Drive: Work Product Redux—Automation is necessary to assemble documents efficiently and accurately.

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