This is an invitation to set your personal appointment time to visit with Leaflet CEO Sam Muthusamy at the Leaflet Corporation Hospitality Suite #12, Las Vegas, ILTACON. Come to find how this award winning, next generation collaborative document automation platform sets your practices free to Increase Speed, Increase Control, Reduce Risk, Reduce Costs, and Increase Profitability as they Initiate, Draft, Negotiate, and Execute their transactions documents.

Leaflet’s hospitality suite is available Sunday through Thursday August 30 – September 3. Bring your IT, practice support, knowledge, resource, etc. team members. We’ll introduce you and yours to the new release, Leaflet 5.2 Document Automation Platform.

Leaflet® is no-programming, document automation combined with live editing right within Microsoft® Word. We call it “Draft Live”. It is next generation because lawyers are processing questions and answers while they physically edit the document—even removing the text that affects Q&A logic! Leaflet also adds collaboration to the mix by streaming in client and co-worker answers to questionnaires from “Leaflets” (web forms) hosted on Leaflet® Microsite™. Again, it does this with no programming and enhances collaboration and mobility with its cloud-based or on premise SaaS architecture.

RSVP Mike Moss, mmoss@leafletcorp.com, 615-689-8086.

You can also visit us at booth 500 which is just to the right of the main exhibit hall entrance. It is innovation we hope you will especially notice when you come by!

Meanwhile, take a look the August 2015 issue of Legaltech© News. Leaflet won “Legaltech© News Innovation Awards 2015 Best Document Automation / Management”. Legaltech News included Senior Technology Editor Sean Doherty’s thorough Leaflet review, “Test Drive, Work Product Redux—Automation is necessary to assemble documents efficiently and accurately”. Sean is no stranger to document automation technology. How he automates his Client Engagement letter template with multi-jurisdiction selection and logical variations is spectacular, if we may say so, as he test drives in the Leaflet Document Automation Platform.

With thanks and greatly anticipating your immediate RSVP


Mike Moss

VP Client Development

Leaflet Corporation


615-689-8086 cell

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