Leaflet Document Automation Platform Release 5.2 launches September 1, 2015 in synch with ITLACON (International Legal Technology Association’s Conference) massive annual conference this week in Las Vegas. Among many things, this release is about speed. We are adjusting the dynamic update feature to work like large search results where the first page paints while subsequent pages finish processing slightly later but ahead of the reader. Users have options to throttle for more precision and less speed as desired.

Talking about speed, make sure to read the breath taking article that accompanies Legaltech© News’ announcement of the award “Leaflet Winner Best Document Automation / Management”: Test Drive: Work Product Redux—Automation is necessary to assemble documents efficiently and accurately

Other Leaflet Platform features include clause libraries, one-form-to-many documents that are excellent for venture capital and emerging companies, signature pages extraction, and e-Signature integrations. These form the bread and butter features for sets of corporate documents and the intense drafting needs in firms where documents change quickly and need special provisions or last minute changes before closing.

Another important offering is Leaflet® Playbook™. It automates contracts drafted on other-party paper. Playbook extracts incoming contracts’ provisions with a simple right click. The Playbook interface shows the extracted provisions alongside the whole document. Bookmarks readily move users from the extracted provisions back into the full text of the contract. Users then work with best practice clauses configured by the Playbook factory. Users insert these as counter-clauses into the document using guidance for each option. They prepare entire draft contracts as redlined counter-proposals.

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