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That’s what Leaflets do. Leaflets are flexible, mobile interviews that you extract from your automated forms and share with anyone who might request documents from you. Leaflets are easy to create and customize. You can set them to be self-service or collaborative.

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When working with documents, lawyers spend most of their time in Word. That’s why Leaflet Platform automates your familiar copy of Word, making it much faster and more accurate, without depriving you of the features and functions you rely on today.

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Automated drafting is great. But it’s literally only half the story. Because at any given time, half of the lawyers working on documents…are working on documents someone else drafted.

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One of our law firm clients recently completed a run-of-the-mill venture financing transaction. All in-deal documents, certificates, consents and waivers—consummating that deal took 73 signatures by 14 people across 19 documents.

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All funneled to the desktops and tablets of progressive lawyers with one goal: helping those lawyers process less and practice more so they can provide better services to their clients and companies.

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Leaflet Corporation has deep experience in building and scaling professional services organizations in four continents. But we’re especially proud of our Legal Operations Group formed from lawyers, technologists, process experts, and experienced client services managers across our Boston and Delhi offices.

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“Foley & Lardner focuses on delivering value to clients: BTI ranked us #1 in client service; Information Week calls us a top tech innovator. Leaflet is a perfect addition to our portfolio, enabling us to improve quality and turnaround time while reducing costs.” — Gabor Garai, Partner, Practice Chair, Foley & Lardner LLP.
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